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School of Medicine

The history of medicine at Saint Louis University dates back almost 200 years to 1836, when SLU established the first medical school west of the Mississippi. From its founding to present day, the School of Medicine has been no stranger to excellence in medical education. Consider:


  • SLU surgeons conducted the first successful heart transplant in the state of Missouri.
  • SLU is one of only nine NIH-funded vaccine research institutions in the country.
  • SLU operates one of the largest hepatitis C practices in the world.


At SLU, the School of Medicine’s work goes beyond training physicians to be scholars of the human body. We graduate doctors who appreciate humanistic medicine, concern themselves with the sanctity of human life and commit to dignity and respect for all patients. That’s a lot to be proud of.


As we celebrate 200 years of Saint Louis University today, we invite you to honor that proud history and ensure its legacy by making a gift to the School of Medicine. This year, the School of Medicine has two challenges for Giving Day:


  • Once 50 gifts have been made to the School of Medicine today, Vice Dean of Medical Affairs, Dr. Robert Wilmott has generously pledged to give an additional $5,000. 
  • Once 20 gifts have been made to the Health Resource Center Fund, esteemed alumnus Dr. Edward O'Brien has pledged to give an additional $2,500. 


About the Health Resource Center


The Health Resource Center provides free health care services to the community. It is operated by medical school students under the guidance of SLU doctors. By the numbers:


  • 8 free clinic sessions
  • 2,336 patient encounters in the last year
  • More than 12,000 volunteer hours from medical students, professional volunteers and student leads from multiple health disciplines.


Currently the Health Resource Center has a need for vaccinations and rapid tests for PPD and HIV. Rates of sexually transmitted infections in STL are among the highest in the nation. By providing free HIV rapid testing and counseling, the HRC is helping to combat the rise of HIV infection.

Where are our donors?
Rank State Donors
1 MO 33
2 CA 5
3 VA 3
School of Medicine Challenge
Congratulations to the School of Medicine for unlocking their challenge gift from Dr. Wilmott!
50 / 50 Gifts
Health Resource Center
Congratulations to the Health Resource Center for reaching their goal and unlocking their challenge gift from Dr. O'Brien!
20 / 20 Gifts
Reunion Classes
Which reunion class will bring in the most gifts on SLU Giving Day?
Are you celebrating your undergraduate reunion this year?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 15 year reunion (2003) 10
2 10 year reunion (2008) 7
3 5 year reunion (2013) 4
4 25 year reunion (1993) 3
5 30 year reunion (1988) 2
Service Funds
The service fund that raises the most money will receive an extra $500 from the University!
Rank Prize Service Funds Raised
1 $500 Health Resource Center Fund $3,940.00
2 Billiken Bounty Student Food Pantry $1,677.00
3 Billiken Teacher Corps $550.00
4 Service Leadership Fund $300.00
5 Camp Kesum - SLU $25.00
6 SLUCAP Mission Trips Fund $25.00
7 Center for Service and Community Engagement $25.00
8 SLU College in Prison Fund $5.00
9 Billikens for Clean Water $0.00
10 Labre $0.00
11 Diversity and Community Engagement $0.00
12 Student Mental Health Support $0.00
13 Alpha Phi Omega $0.00
14 Micah House Community Outreach Projects $0.00
15 Campus Kitchen $0.00
16 Norman White "For the Children" Fund $0.00
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