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Parks College of Aviation Engineering & Technology

From its founding in 1927, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology has been no stranger to forging the path of innovation. As a leader in education, Parks College has a long history of excellence in education, with a number of notable accomplishments, including:


  • Parks College was the first federally certified school of aviation.
  • During World War II, Parks and its subsidiaries were responsible for training one of every 10 Army Air Corps pilots, plus thousands of aircraft mechanics.
  • At least one Parks College graduate has been involved in every NASA space launch.
  • In 2013, Parks granted the world’s first Doctor of Philosophy degree in aviation.


Today, Parks College continues that tradition of excellence in its variety of degree programs. At Parks, we are the doers, the makers and the problem solvers – whether it’s the satellite we launch that leads to more efficient spacecraft, the robotic device we develop that makes surgery less invasive, the infrastructure we design to provide clean water, or the next generation of pilots we educate to lead the future of aviation. That’s a lot to be proud of.


As we celebrate 200 years of Saint Louis University today, we invite you to honor that proud history and ensure its legacy by making a gift to Parks College today. This year, Parks College has two challenges for SLU Giving Day. Esteemed alumnus Dennis Gatchell has pledged to give $1,000 once $1,000 in gifts is raised for Parks College today. The Alumni Coordination Committee for Alpha Pi Sigma fraternity are also challenging their fellow members by pledging to give $1,000 to the Hangar Renovation Fund once their fellow members have given $1,000 to any Parks College fund today. 

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Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, & Technology
Congratulations to Parks College for raising $1,000! You were able to double your impact with Mr. Gatchell's challenge gift of $1,000!
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Alpha Pi Sigma
Congratulations to Alpha Pi Sigma for reaching their goal and unlocking their challenge gift!
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Battle of the Scholarships
Which undergraduate scholarship will bring in the most money on SLU Giving Day? The winner will be matched dollar for dollar by the University's Go Further Initiative!
Rank Go Further Scholarship Competition Raised
1 Boston Alumni Club Scholarship $10,000.00
2 Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund $4,000.00
3 Parks Endowed Student Scholarship $1,705.00
4 Students Helping Students $1,387.26
5 B&A Scholarship Fund $1,288.18
6 Doisy College of Health Sciences Alumni Scholarship $1,100.00
7 Nursing Scholarship Campaign Fund $875.00
8 BOLD Retention Scholarsip $850.17
9 Saint Louis University Financial Need Scholarship $800.00
10 Virginia D. Murphy Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship $582.00
11 Dr. Celerstine Briggs Johnson Book Fund $430.00
12 Saint Louis University Merit Scholarship $400.00
13 Get in the Game Scholarship Fund $325.00
14 John Turnage Scholarship for International Studies Agreement $230.00
15 School of Education Endowed Scholarship $215.00
16 Pioneers of Inclusion Endowed Scholarship $205.00
17 Chicago Regional Scholarship $110.00
18 Saint Louis University Retention Scholarship $100.00
19 Saint Louis University Military Need Scholarship $50.00
20 Kansas City SLU Alumni Scholarship $0.00
21 Student Government Association Upper-Class Scholarship Fund $0.00
22 Milwaukee Regional Scholarship $0.00
23 New York City Alumni Club Scholarship $0.00
Reunion Classes
Which reunion class will bring in the most gifts on SLU Giving Day?
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1 15 year reunion (2003) 10
2 10 year reunion (2008) 7
3 5 year reunion (2013) 4
4 25 year reunion (1993) 3
5 30 year reunion (1988) 2
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