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Billiken Athletics has raised $ 3,130 from 21 gifts!
Billiken Athletics
Success is a team effort.

Our athletics programs showcase the tenacity and perseverance all SLU students share. As always, external support from loyal Billiken fans continues to make a major difference to all our student-athletes. Today, on the second annual SLU Giving Day and the University’s 200th birthday, we ask that you support our student-athletes with a gift to one of these funds:


The Billiken Club Fund supports all 18 varsity sports at Saint Louis University, and provides competitive scholarships, top-notch equipment, travel fees and anything else our Billikens need. 


The Get in the Game Scholarship Fund provides support for a female student-athlete, giving her the opportunity to maximize her academic and athletic opportunities at Saint Louis University. The Get in the Game Scholarship is also taking part in the Battle of the Scholarships this year. Whichever undergraduate scholarship brings in the most money by the end of the day will have its giving total matched dollar for dollar by the University’s Go Further initiative. 


Your support funds academic and athletic opportunities that allow SLU’s student-athletes to achieve success in the classroom, in competition and in the community, transforming them into tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Support our student-athletes today, and let’s see what a difference a day can make!

Where are our donors?
Rank State Donors
1 MO 14
2 WI 2
3 MD 1
Battle of the Scholarships
Which undergraduate scholarship will bring in the most money on SLU Giving Day? The winner will be matched dollar for dollar by the University's Go Further Initiative!
Rank Go Further Scholarship Competition Raised
1 Boston Alumni Club Scholarship $10,000.00
2 Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund $4,000.00
3 Parks Endowed Student Scholarship $1,705.00
4 Students Helping Students $1,387.26
5 B&A Scholarship Fund $1,288.18
6 Doisy College of Health Sciences Alumni Scholarship $1,100.00
7 Nursing Scholarship Campaign Fund $875.00
8 BOLD Retention Scholarsip $850.17
9 Saint Louis University Financial Need Scholarship $800.00
10 Virginia D. Murphy Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship $582.00
11 Dr. Celerstine Briggs Johnson Book Fund $430.00
12 Saint Louis University Merit Scholarship $400.00
13 Get in the Game Scholarship Fund $325.00
14 John Turnage Scholarship for International Studies Agreement $230.00
15 School of Education Endowed Scholarship $215.00
16 Pioneers of Inclusion Endowed Scholarship $205.00
17 Chicago Regional Scholarship $110.00
18 Saint Louis University Retention Scholarship $100.00
19 Saint Louis University Military Need Scholarship $50.00
20 Kansas City SLU Alumni Scholarship $0.00
21 Student Government Association Upper-Class Scholarship Fund $0.00
22 Milwaukee Regional Scholarship $0.00
23 New York City Alumni Club Scholarship $0.00
Reunion Classes
Which reunion class will bring in the most gifts on SLU Giving Day?
Are you celebrating your undergraduate reunion this year?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 15 year reunion (2003) 10
2 10 year reunion (2008) 7
3 5 year reunion (2013) 4
4 25 year reunion (1993) 3
5 30 year reunion (1988) 2
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